Anne Glassner

Pillow paradise

Installation / Happening

wooden construction, net, sewn pillows, 2022


Sleeping and yodeling performances in public space, a pajama party at Villa Tugendhat in Brno, site-specific installations, body work, dream research - Anne Glassner's works operate trans- and interdisciplinary, and always at the interface of private and public. Collective togetherness is an essential component of her artistic practice.

Glassner also collaborates with others for Pillow Paradise: LILA / Lisa Lang (fashion) or Christian Prinz (photography) - and, of course, there are all the participant:s in the "upholstery battle" at Pillow Paradise.

In contrast to many of Glassner's interventions, this is not only - even if the title-giving pillows suggest otherwise - about passive quieting and contemplation, but also about an active doing, a collective sparring; ultimately a performative act - how paradisiacal will depend on the participants.

Of course, the cushions themselves play a central role in Pillow Paradise; each one is self-sewn and has its own color, shape and materiality. They are objects that can be used multifunctionally: as art and study objects (think of Albrecht Dürer's pillow studies of 1493), as accessories, for chilling out, cuddling, sleeping, as well as for stylish defense and sporting activity.


Anna Reisenbichler

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