Catrin Bolt


built-in cupboard

5.5 x 1.8 m


The car was assembled from a built-in cupboard using all its parts. The black cupboard with wood veneer and its rather elongated and edgy parts gives the car its character. The car was originally placed on the parking lot in front of the Kulturdrogerie in Vienna, so that the replica mingled with the "real" cars and became a sculpture between the vehicles. Also in St. Florian the car, which is built from the components, stands on the parking lot and creates an image of the decay of the civilization. One could imagine how archaeologists of the future would find the remains of our mobility in a thousand years and will try to reconstruct it in its absurdity using replicas. It is also reminiscent of objects from the cargo cult, where technical devices are modeled with found materials and are used as cult objects.

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