Hiesleitner Tišek - asphaltigloo


asphalt, wood

size of a SUV



From the grass grows a unique formation, at first sight is not clear whether it is a surface elevation, a heap of building material or perhaps a giant anthill. The work

Asphaltigloo is made out of a construction waste, more precisely out of asphalt, which was left behind during road construction work. The two artists gave this asphalt a new life in the form of an ironic imitation of nature. Originally, the object was located in the streets of Vienna and with its dimensions (similar to those of an off-road vehicle) it occupied a parking lot, which in turn became a platform for a simultaneously artistic and natural phenomenon. Nature and culture are not in conflict, nature functions here as an inspiration for culture. An artificial cave, also popular in the Baroque architectural tradition, functions as a climbing structure for children and adults, a space for play and reflection.

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