Imre Nagy

Imre Nagy

From the pitch-black depths...

computer technical advice: Máté Nagy

Concrete, stainless steel pipe, acrylic panels, plastic tubing, LED lighting; mixed media, quick cement / tile adhesive, minicomputer, metal base (ton).

274 x 139 x 68 cm, 3-piece, 2014 / 2022

160 x 80 x 58 cm, 2022

"The floor lamp carefully pegged into its concrete base takes the principle of bricolage, which can serve as useful signposts for the entire exhibition, also for the internal organization of the object." Reiner Zettl

Its placement marks a potential place to stay on the shore of the pond.

Where a dialogue between nature, back and forth changing transition of light reflecting water surfaces and light feeding vegetation with opposite sculpture in the form of a ghost is illuminated.

This leans towards the archaic and almost comic expression of a haunting. In it built-in mini computer points to the zeitgeist of digitalization.
On its display should continuously form a historical computer virus the "moment".
Computer viruses have also become a cultural asset of human creativity. Viruses of a different kind are faithful everyday companions of human life.

The relationship between floor lamp and ghost reflects on the enlightenment processes of idea generation.

Their interaction between engineer and subtle language forms an expression of a state of mind in the ghostly reality of the present.

Where the computer - as in this case - also does not always work.

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