Markus Hiesleitner


foil tunnel

tomatoes (austrian: Paradeiser), banana, pond boat

approx. 3 x 2,5 x 2,5m


Ein Haus für ein Boot mit Garten is an installation consisting of a boathouse, a boat and plants. The boathouse is also a kind of greenhouse and works like a foil tunnel, an art(ificial) garden. Tomatoes (Austrian: Paradeiser) and bananas are planted on the boat, the plants come from the nearbyOrangery. Both plant species came and come to Europe via the waterway.

However, due to climate change it will probably soon be possible to grow bananas here as well. The use of agricultural plastic foil, which has become a common part of agriculture, also draws attention to the ecological issues, as it does not consist of any natural material and pollutes nature. Instead of an agriculture that does not respect nature, the artist emphasizes the coexistence and concern for nature. The connection between man and plant is so inseparable that the artist proposes to take the domesticated plants on holiday by the water. Tomatoes (Austrian: Paradeiser) also feel here like in the paradise.


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